Barton Maple Company business owners, Art LaPlante (right) & Mark Royer (left) have been business partners since 2007.  More than a decade later, Art describes his partnership with Mark as knowing instinctively who should handle what. “Something will come up, and I’ll say to Mark ‘Why don’t you take that?’ or he’ll say it to me,” Art notes with a laugh.

In 2016, a nearby sugaring equipment retailer Lapierre USA suddenly closed. Mark and Art immediately recognized the opportunity. With the closing of Lapierre, Maple Syrup Producers would have to drive at least 25 miles for supplies and service. With plenty of sugaring in their neck of the woods, Art and Mark saw it as a case of supply meeting demand. Opening their own sugaring equipment business made too much sense not to consider.

They already owned the building located beside their existing successful business, E.M. Brown & Son, and decided to use the space to open Barton Maple Company. 

Art & Mark created a business plan and were able to launch the business in time for the 2017 sugaring season. Former Lapierre’s employee Patrick Thompson manages the shop while Art and Mark keep both of their businesses moving forward.

We deliver bulk maple syrup to retailers and commercial production facilities and sell both new and used maple syrup production equipment and supplies to both individual and commercial consumers. If we don’t have it in stock, we can have it within a day.

Barton Maple Company offers their products both in store and online. We currently deliver products anywhere in the United States & Canada. Contact us today if you have questions or would like help placing an order. We’re happy to help!